Ways to seduce boyfriend

You can get creative and think of many more ways. Wear red to sexually arouse him. You could also put a naughty prize for the winner. It will send the shivers down his spine for sure.

Ways to seduce boyfriend

Tickle his ankles with your toes. Show off your shoulder and a little of your cleavage along with your shapely sexy legs. Tell him how you please yourself when he is not around or tell him about a wet dream you have had. Keep changing speed, intensity, position or pressure. So, keep adding variety even when you are in the act. If you know how to seduce your man in bed, you will never have to settle for less ever. It will keep the spice up in your relationship. There is nothing hotter than that. Let Your Man See You Touching Yourself Every man finds it hot to see his woman touching herself and her finger or a vibrator disappearing inside her. Get your man all tied up. If he touches, you stop. Then slip off your heels and caress his legs with your bare feet. He will be waiting to get his hands on you. At the end of the night, when you are done with dinner and are enjoying a leisure time, just drop the bag of goodies in his lap. Here are thirty-five ways, including text, that you can use to seduce your man in bed for a heated romance. You can also leave a note in his wallet or send him a text message indicating the same. Your married life will get better with good sex. He would drag you to bed right away. He will not be able to wait until he returns home. Try them on and ask him to judge on how they look on you and which ones to buy. Also, men are not good at responding to cues and clues. Strut around sexily in them, put on your makeup and let him drool over you. You can text him about a surprise before going out. Beg him to rip off your shirt and take you. Either he will take you straight into the room, or he would be just waiting desperately to do that. So, take control of your sex life in your hands and see the fun. Add a double meaning sentence, compliment him or say naughty things.

Ways to seduce boyfriend

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10 Ways to Seduce Your Boyfriend and Make Him Desire You

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  1. Hence he will be more relaxed and will enjoy whatever you are doing to him in bed. Arrange for his favorite exotic food and drink.

  2. You will have the attention of your man by now. So, keep adding variety even when you are in the act.

  3. He will go crazy seeing you in those hot little numbers and yet not being able to touch you until you are home with him.

  4. He will be dying to take it off you through the evening. Or, just slip in the washroom, take off your knickers and discreetly slip it into the pocket of your man.

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