Gangsta nick names

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If people have specific duties within their gangster group, then these should be used in order to help you give them nicknames! Gangster Music Gangsta rap is hip-hop music that is inspired by the violence of inner-city slums in the s. It became commercial and is now less violent but more successful.

Gangsta nick names

Are you the kingpin of the group or merely a pawn? The only exception to this unwritten rule is if you are purposely picking a name that contradicts the person in the name of humor, which is not a common thing for gangster nicknames. It would become like Franco 'The Wanted' Alberto. With that said, here's a list of our favorite gangster, mobster, and mafia style names to give you some inspiration! While choosing gangster names, you can also decide a name which has a relation with your past or present. Kitty and any other kind of cat! Carribean gangs come from the West Indies, Cuba, and Haiti, and there are even all-female gangs! Sadly, their number is growing! For instance, infamous gangster and henchman Jack McGurn was nicknamed "Machine Gun", obviously for his specialty, but also for the similarity to his last name. Check new design of our homepage! Maybe your actual name is the perfect way to show you're a mobster meanie. Create your own style in your gangster name. Source You ready for some 's style gangster nicknames? The higher up in rank you are within your gang, the more you are expected to have an intimidating name. In this similar manner, you can experiment with many different variations to your name to get a mafia name which you like. These gangs all have one thing in common. I doubt he was much of a pushover! You can use Gangster and Rapper Generators on social media. Mar 26, Choosing Gangster Names Gangster names are to be chosen keeping in mind what people see you as and think what you are like. List of Gangster Names. If you have chosen a particular name, add it in the middle or at the end of your real name, to make it more gangsta-like. Hell yeah you are, otherwise you wouldn't be here! Its lyrics were aggressive and provocative and was soon losing its popularity because it was too violent, but musicians in the genre argued that it reflected life as they perceived it. Lending of money at exorbitant interest rates, political killings, bombing, con tricks, illegal gambling, bombings, copyright violation, prostitution, extortion, blackmailing, kidnapping, drug smuggling, arms trafficking, human trafficking — well, the list is endless! If you are in demand and are very famous in your neighborhood, you can keep a name as 'The Wanted'. If I was a gang member my name would be Tigress because a Tiger is the biggest, fiercest cat there is, and the most beautiful!

Gangsta nick names

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  1. It became commercial and is now less violent but more successful. White supremacists seem to confine their activities to the assault, rape, and murder of other races.

  2. They indulge in petty theft, graffiti daubing and hurling sexist insults at women. Ice T was one of its early practitioners.

  3. If you are in demand and are very famous in your neighborhood, you can keep a name as 'The Wanted'.

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