Fun ideas to do at sleepovers

You should find a good balance in your activities to include all of your guests. Hot Cocoa Bar Keep their fingers warm with a hot cup of cocoa. It's a great way for everybody to get to know each other better and to have a good time. Fun and bright neon colors, big signs and of course a lot of balloons! Sleepover Ideas for Teens

Fun ideas to do at sleepovers

Just make sure your victim has a good sense of humor! Doing this may involve putting everyone's phone away for a night, a seemingly daunting task these days. Toothbrushes Put out toothbrush party favours to make sure that all the kiddos brush their teeth before falling asleep. A classic favorite is a manhunt. A place where you can get together with your besties, paint your nails, talk about that cute boy, and take selfies! It's just one of those games that make you laugh, scream and be surprised! Truth or Dare Truth or Dare will always be fun! Each tween gets to personalize their own pizza to their own taste and you get to make sure everyone eats! Glamping Give your teenagers a glamping experience right in your backyard. Game Night Every amazing party needs games! Sleepover Ideas for Teens So grab your scissors and glue guns and start making up those slumber party invitations! Build Your Own Pizza This is an amazing slumber party activity! So get your contestants ready with their soft and cushiony customized pillow fight pillows! It's a great way for everybody to get to know each other better and to have a good time. Just give everyone fair warning if you play by this rule to avoid upsetting someone. S'mores in a cup, a fake fire pit, sleeping tents, wildlife stuffs for them to snuggle up with and a fun activity like painting birdhouses! If necessary, have a few activities going on simultaneously so everyone is busy and happy. Afterward, play some board games or make your own pizza dinner. Soaking their feet while drinking virgin Mimosas and painting their nails… What a hard life they have! Spa Night Relax your young teenagers with a pampering spa night before they tuck into bed with a romantic chick flick! This is a night with your friends, so make some memories! DIY eye masks, friendship bracelets and unicorn slime are fun ones! Your kids will have so much fun sitting on their bed of pillows and watching their favorite animated movie! Steam up the bathroom for a sauna and give each other facials and massages.

Fun ideas to do at sleepovers

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How to Have the BEST Sleepover EVER!!

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  1. A place where they can gossip, talk about their favorite new movie, and play fun games! If you have your parents, siblings, or even neighbors you know well around the house, pull a harmless prank or two.

  2. Of course, when it's time to go to sleep and all the kids crawl into their own sleeping tents you can finally relax. Swimming is always a blast, but everyone knows that swimming at night takes the fun to a whole new level!

  3. You can put out pretty nail polishes, decorate with pink frilly materials and set up a crown making activity! Invent games using glow sticks, and you can have yourself a glow pool party!

  4. Unicorn Eye Masks Your teens will love making their own sleepover eye masks and these unicorn ones are the coolest!

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