Facts about marc antony

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His grandfather had been one of Rome's leading public speakers, and his father, Marcus Antonius Creticus, had died in a military expedition against pirates when Antony was young. Consuls were two annually elected chief magistrates who jointly ruled the republic. Caesar depended upon the tribunes to look after his interests in Rome, and Antony did so when he vetoed a decree that required Caesar and the men he commanded to lay down their arms. This success and the presence of more Roman troops convinced Greece to switch allegiance from Antony to Octavian.

Facts about marc antony

Reportedly, by the age of 20, he had acquired so many debts that he fled his home city to travel abroad as he studied philosophy. University of Minnesota Press, He was distracted before he could join Caesar and was unable to stop the senators from murdering Caesar. As a result, many of the facts which we can get from their histories must be taken with a grain of salt. Antony sent her back because she arrived with almost none of the troops Antony had lent Octavian. Octavian was now emperor in all but name. So, one good emperor and two murderous nutcases. This was interrupted when the news arrived that Antony's brother and wife were openly defying Octavian in Italy. Curio had played this role masterfully, and Antony tried to emulate him. While Octavian returned to Italy, Antony went east to put affairs in order in the eastern provinces. Antony and Cleopatra After this battle Antony's career entered its most famous period. She would go on to be Cleopatra of Egypt, but at the time, these two had no idea how intertwined their lives—and deaths—would become. With Cleopatra he fled back to Egypt, where he committed suicide upon the arrival of Octavian. Caesar finally took him out of Rome to serve as one of his generals while Antony was stripped of all positions and lived in Rome as a private citizen, presumably sulking while Caesar went off with their colleagues to finish up the civil war abroad. In the following months Antony strengthened himself with the armies of the western Roman Empire; while Octavian, realizing that the Senate was trying to use him, began to establish an alliance with Antony. His career began in Syria at the age of 23, and three years later, he was promoted to cavalry commander. He showed an ability on the battlefield and found his ultimate benefactor in Julius Caesar, who summoned him to become a staff officer in Gaul in 54 B. Antony's wife, Fulvia, had died not long before. However, he certainly was dependent on Cleopatra for money, and he did make territorial concessions and grants of titles to Cleopatra's family. The two men and their armies met off Greece at Actium on Sept. The two forces met at Philippi, Greece, in 42 B. He was defeated and forced to retreat north. Antony came into the office at a critical time. The three entered into a five-year pact, soon ratified by a law, conferring on them a joint autocracy, the triumvirate. In 58 Antony appears to have been among the supporters of the powerful and violent tribune Clodius.

Facts about marc antony

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  1. Antony and Cleopatra After this battle Antony's career entered its most famous period. The two triumvirs finally came to blows figuratively, not literally at the Battle of Actium, a rout that resulted in the destruction of nearly all of Antony's forces.

  2. After a somewhat dissipated youth, the future triumvir served with distinction in 57—55 as a cavalry commander under Aulus Gabinius in Judaea and Egypt. What the ideas of Antony were is not clear.

  3. As a politician, he was astute enough—aided by a talent for florid oratory—but gradually lost touch with Roman feeling and fatally lacked the cold deliberateness of Octavian. Curio had played this role masterfully, and Antony tried to emulate him.

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