Welcome to Chief's Corner.

The City of Hutchins is a growing city with a diverse ethnic background. Hutchins is a
city with history and tradition and has a future that looks very bright. Hutchins Fire
Rescue has been a vital part of the city's past and will play an even greater role in
providing safety for our citizens in the future. As we grow, the members of Hutchins Fire
Rescue and staff will continue to be innovative and aggressive in our approach to the
issues facing our community.  

We are always here to assist with the needs of the citizens of our community.  Please
stop by to visit our station and get to know us, as we would enjoy visiting and getting to
know each of you.

Stacey Hickson - Fire Chief


The mission of the Hutchins Fire & Rescue is to minimize the loss of life and property resulting
from fires, medical emergencies, environmental, and other disasters.

We will accomplish our mission through prevention, education, fire suppression, medical
services, code enforcement, rescue skills, and other related emergencies and non-emergency
activities.  We will actively participate in our community, serve as role models, and strive to
effectively and efficiently utilize all of the necessary resources at our command to provide a
product deemed excellent by our citizens.
Value Principles

The Hutchins Fire & Rescue believes that people are the most valuable resource.

The Hutchins Fire & Rescue believes that pride, the pursuit of excellence, and commitment to
public service is a paramount importance.

The Hutchins Fire & Rescue strives through active leadership to develop new knowledge and
concepts for a progressive environment.

The Hutchins Fire & Rescue believes we are accountable to those we serve.

The Hutchins Fire & Rescue is professional in all of its actions.  Our value to the community will
be measured in the type and quality of services provided.

Appearance and Behavior,
Respectful attitude,
Caring and compassion for people,
Training, preparedness, and readiness,
High quality service,
Compassion, fairness, and integrity are practical in each endeavor.

The Hutchins Fire & Rescue recognizes that every employee is a valued member of the
department’s family.

Team oriented,
Input is valued,
Compassion towards one another,
Respect for one another,
Communicate openly at all levels,
Feel secure.